Best Street Food in San Francisco

Finding the best street food in San Francisco isn't hard considering it has always been well known for its delicious street food vendors. But with the most recent jump in street food popularity in the Bay Area, one needs to try to limit their choices down a good three in order to not become overwhelmed with all of the vendors to choose from. If you are traveling down to the city for a visit, or if you just want change your dining routine from the typical restaurant to a street vendor, then check out these top three choices for how to find the best street food in San Francisco:

  1. Spencer On The Go! This little mobile vendor is known for its rather upscale and unusual combination French Food with snack entrees, curry sauce, escargot pastry puffs with skewered snails enfolded in a pastry, and many types of breads to choose from. Located on 7th Street and Folsom, this little French Haven is conveniently across the street from an organic wine bar that will happily serve you a glass of delicious white or red wine with your snacks from the vendor. A prime choice for the “daring to be experimental eaters”.
  2. Carte 415. A chef by the name of Joshua Skenes has had major success with his once-a-week-dining restaurant that is virtually impossible to get a reservation at. So, in order to bring his buzz to the rest of us on the street he has included a food cart in the Atrium Lobby on Second and Mission Streets. His menu includes many delectable lunch items like specialty soups and sandwiches—one very popular sandwich being one that is stuffed with goat cheese and sauteed mushrooms. His sides are sauteed herb potatoes, or a poached peach for desert. This vendor gets you street food in San Francisco the high class way.
  3. Lets Be Frank. For those of us looking for street food in San Francisco without going fancy or for the tourist move, get  your coat on and head out for an old fashioned hot dog. During most weekdays and holidays, this food cart is located in Crissy Field, a small park that is near the Golden Gate Bridge. You can get a very tasty hot dog covered in onions, peppers and your favorite condiments while enjoying the Golden Gate Bridge and all of the amazing scenery on the vista at a very affordable price.

So if you are heading to San Francisco and don't want to have to take up your touring time with dining, then you really should take a look into these three how to get street food in San Francisco tips if you want to taste some of the best San Francisco street food in the Bay Area.

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