Best Street Food: Singapore

This list of Best Street Food: Singapore focuses on the foods that run this multi-ethnic international city.  Singapore, with its Malay, Indian, British, and Chinese roots is historically a cultural city, and its status as a hub for international trade and business continues this tradition. The different cultures that have impacted Singapore have left their mark not only in the architecture and language, but on the street food, which continues to satisfy hungry travelers and natives.

  1. Chili crab.  Considered the national dish, chili crab is a large soft-shelled crab that is cooked in a spicy chili sauce.  The dish is spicy, hot, and deliciously filling.  The sauce that exudes the crab alone is praised for its taste, and the dish is served with Chinese buns made of steamed rice dough to sop up the rich gravy.
  2. Chicken and Rice.  Another dish that has a national reputation, chicken and rice is taken to a new level in Singapore.  The vendors of Singapore take special pride in using their own handmade chicken stock to impart additional flavor while boiling the chicken.  The chicken is served with rice, pickled vegetables and hot sauces, and is a favorite national dish.
  3. Popiahs. Popiahs are spring rolls that are considered one of the few truly native dishes of the country. These spring rolls consist of tofu, bean sprouts, and vegetables stir fried, lightly spiced with a sweet sauce.  They are then carefully wrapped in a delicate, see-through wheat wrapper.  Each street food vendor makes a different variation of this dish, contributing to its popularity and timelessness.
  4. Ais Kacang. Ais Kacang is a shaved ice dessert, flavored with red beans, jelly, or corn.  The ice is shaved onto the other ingredients and then flavored with a sweet syrup. A favorite among children, this cool snack helps ward off the hot weather of the country, and rounds out our list of Best Street Food: Singapore.
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