Best Street Food: Thailand

Thailand is a destination for globe trotters who want the very best Asia can offer. From adventure trekking to wild island parties, Thailand is a traveler's paradise. However, Thailand is also known for its tasty dishes, filled with sweet sauces and spiced with pickled peppers, a Thai dish can be a fiery adventure in itself. Although sit down restaurants in Thailand will serve international cuisine and dressed up Thai specialties, it is often said that travelers can best find the pulse of a people through its street food. Here is a list of the Best Street food: Thailand.

  1. Khao Soi. A Thai favorite, Khao Soi is a spicy noodle dish common in street stalls in the north, in cities such as Chiang Mai. The noodles are seasoned with spicy peppers and complemented by fried crunchy noodles on top of the dish.  As the customer eats, the broth condenses into a potent, spicy brew.
  2. Pad Thai. A dish common in Thai restaurants in the West, this flavorful noodle dish can be served with chicken or tofu. The flat noodles often remind Westerners of fettuccine pasta, but the sauce is all Thai. This dish is a local favorite, and is served in eateries on streets all throughout the country.
  3. Tom Yum Soup. An easy dish to make on the side of the road, this soup boasts a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables. The soup can be made with seafood or chicken, and contains a broth of lime leaves, fish sauce, lemon grass, and the fiery peppers Thailand is famous for.
  4. Sausage. Due to the waves of expats living and working in Thailand, sausage has found a place as a popular street food. Stalls will often grill bits of sausage right in front of you, and some will add fillings such as rice or vermicelli noodles into the meat. Quick to make and cheap to buy, this hearty snack is one the best street foods in Thailand.
  5. Fried Insects. As exotic as it comes, travelers are often greeted by freshly fried insects by the side of the road. Although shocking at first, these crunchy delectable do not have much of a taste, but are rather more of a delivery system for the spices the vender seasons them with. Whether crunching on lime flavored crickets or popping pepper maggots, crispy insects round out the list of Best Street Food: Thailand.
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