Best Suits For Body Type

No matter how much you spend on a suit, if it is not the best suit for your body then pimpin' definitely won't be easy. Nothing beats a man in a well-tailored suit. But, despite what you may think, one style does not fit all. We have the tips you need to step out tailor made.

  1. Tall and skinny. Add some weight to your long limbs by sticking with heavier fabrics. Lighter fabrics will hang and make you frail and slightly pathetic. Chose heaver fabrics like tweed or a heavyweight worsted wool to add a bit of proportion. Light colors also appear bulky so colors such as khaki and gray will out your frame nicely.  As far as the jacket, three buttons have the height and length proportional to the tall body type.  If you prefer the two button style, find a jacket where the buttons hit closer to the solar plexus than the navel. Skinny guys without back should also chose a single or no vent to give the rear end a fuller appearance. A pant with a regular rise will give your long legs and torso the symmetry it needs.
  2. Thick set. Men with fuller frames, either from pumping weights or chugging beers, need a fitted slenderising suit. Lightweight worsted wools will help eliminate extra bulk to the frame. Wearing the same dark slimming color on the top and the bottom will create a monochromatic look that doesn't draw attention to the belly. Though a solid black or navy is best, you can mix it up with vertical stripes for a bit of chic. For the best overall look, choose a two button jacket. But when it comes to vents, bulky guys should have only one to give the room you need without drawing extra attention to your backside.
  3. For short guys it’s all about adding height. Skip all loud patterns and instead opt for solid colors with vertical stripe to give the illusion of extra height. You have the option of one or two buttons on the jacket, however, limiting the number to one lower on the jacket gives a streamlined look that lengthens the frame. A stylish double vent creates a longer silhouette, complementing your frame to its potential. Choosing a low rise pant will make the frame appear long and sleek. Never buy pants with a cuff.
  4. Mix and Match. If you are big and tall or short and skinny, mix and match the tips to find the perfect fit for your form.
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