Best Suits For Short Men

Find the best suits for short men by following these style guidelines for the vertically challenged. Now, I don't discriminate. The right suit can give a Napoleonic man more sex appeal in their pinkie finger than the long and lanky's entire ungainly body. It's all in the packaging. So, flatter your manly physique to it's full advantage with these short guy suit tips.

  1. Wear subdued patterns. Loud patterns will draw attention to a small frame. Patters like herringbone, gleurguhart, windowpane check, and god forbid houndstooth are all a no go. If you have know idea what I'm talking about, no worries. Just stick with solid colors and you will be fine.
  2. Vertical stripes are your friend. Stripe going up and down the suit draws the eye upward, elongating the look of the suit and the man within. This illusion works wonders and is a much safer than platform shoes.
  3. One or two buttons will suffice. To keep your frame proportional opt for one or two buttons lower on the jacket. limiting the number of buttons will give a streamlined look that lengthens the frame.
  4. Opt for a double vent. Not only are double vents more stylish than single vents, a double vent emphasizes the body's outside line. The longer silhouette lengthens and complements your frame to its full potential.
  5. Wear low risers. When choosing pants, find a pair with a low rise. The rise is the distance from your waist to your crotch. They make the frame appear longer and sleek. The lower the rise the longer you look.
  6. Take off the cuffs. If you do nothing else, avoid cuffs on the pants unless you want to visually lose two inches.
  7. Mix it up. If you are short and stocky follow all the tips above but also incorporate dark colors for a slimming affect and only wear lightweight fabrics like soft worsted wools to cut the bulk.
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