Best Superbowl Commercials

The best Super Bowl commercials take capitalism to a whole new level as the sports spectacle of the world hosts some memorable TV spots. The commercials range from food products and Hollywood blockbusters minus the wardrobe malfunctions at halftime. The Super Bowl garners millions of viewers and that means potential customers for companies who want to create instant business. For a small fee of $3 million, anyone can put their best pitch out there in 30 seconds during the NFL's championship game broadcast. The Super Bowl's best commercials show how numerous companies can change their fortunes by spending a small one in order to reach so many consumers at once.

  1. Noxzema What happens when you pair one of the sexiest women alive and the hottest athlete of his era? You get a commercial for Noxzema where a young Farrah Fawcett applies a lovely handful to Joe Namath's chin. If those pretty faces can't sell a product, nothing will. Many people consider this the opening of the flood gates of advertising as companies raced to try and one up each other.
  2. McDonald's Ironic that during a football game broadcast this commercial will feature two of basketball's greatest legends in Michael Jordan and Larry Bird. They play an insane round of horse for a McDonald's hamburger and fries where the entire arena becomes their playground. The silly Super Bowl ad was very effective in plugging their food that inspired more ads featuring the two NBA Hall of Famers.
  3. Coke "Mean" Joe Greene was a terror on the NFL field during his years as a Pittsburg Steelers, but this commercial showed a teddy bear inside of him. The classic pitch had a young kid give his Coke to the wartorn Joe Greene, who in turn gave the lad his game jersey. This male tear jerker lives on as a memorable moment between a boy and his sport's hero. Lets just hope the kid washes the grass and bloodstains off the jersey before he wore it.
  4. Budweiser The best sellers of the famed beers wasn't a super hot model or a famous athlete, but a trio of amphibians. The Budweiser frogs live on in commercial lore as they sat on a log and chant, "Bud," "Weis," "Errrr!" The commercials aired at the Super Bowl and put the "berr" back in the map for many potential customers. 
  5. Apple The commercial first broadcast in the 1984 Superbowl that featured a drab, totalitarian future with a giant talking face. A runner sprinted across the destopian plain with a huge hammer in her hands only to hurl it to the enormous screen. The image smashes into a million pieces and thus an ad for Apple computers was born. That, or a personal trainer really hates big, loud TV screens.



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