Best Surf Rod For A Mulloway

The best surf rod for Mulloway can be made of fiberglass or graphite, with graphite the more preferred material. A Mulloway is a large gamefish found off the coasts of Australia and Africa that can reach as much as six feet in length. A popular way of catching these hard-fighting fish is by surf fishing with a surf rod.

The best surf rod for Mulloway is made of graphite. Graphite is lighter, more sensitive and more powerful than a fiberglass rod. In the hands of an experienced surf fisherman, a graphite rod can be cast 200 yards or more from the shore. However, graphite surf rods are more expensive than fiberglass. The main advantage to a fiberglass rod is that it's stronger than graphite and will not break or fracture as easily.

The best length for a graphite surf rod for Mulloway is anywhere from nine to twelve  feet. The longer the surf rod, the more distance can be reached. The rod should have a medium to full action capable of handling twenty to 40 pound test monofilament or braided line and be able to cast weighted baits of four to seven ounces. The best surf rod for Mulloway should have a minimum of seven rod guides for a two piece rod.

Surf reels for Mulloway can be either spinning or casting and should be matched to the type of surf rod you're using. Spinning reels are the most popular reels for surf fishing but some fisherman prefer casting reels because they feel they can cast farther. The choice is purely personal.

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