Best Surf Spots In Southern Oregon

If you like to surf, then some the best surf spots are in Southern Oregon. Surfing in Southern Orego is getting more and more popular and surf shops are proliferating all over the coastal region from Reedsport to the Oregon-California border. Some of the very popular and best surf spots in Southern Oregon are:

  1. Hubbard Creek: This idyllic spot is situated at the mouth of Hubbard Creek where there are some sandbars that produce, from several peaks, good hollow rights and lefts. This spot is suitable for all levels of surfers.
  2. Battle Rock: This is a favorite surf spot in Southern Oregon for the short boarders. This is located on the S-end of Port Orford.  Though Nellies Point blocks the big NW swell, it can become exceptionally good with the just-right variables. This is not for beginners, but for intermediate level surfers.
  3. Bastendorff Beach: This wide sandy cove is at the entrance of Coos Bay marked by the south jetty and Yoakam head. This is an exposed NW facing beach-break, but with very reliable surf. Except at very low tides, all others are ok. Again this is for all levels of surfers.
  4. Nesika Beach: This provides excelling surfing at the S end of the beach if there be a light S or a glassy wind. But if there is NW, the surfing is blown out too quickly. This is for all levels of surfers.
  5. Brookings:  This is on the South Jetty and is an excellent spot for the beginners. And this provides excellent surfing during the summertime as it is protected by the jetty, from the NW summer winds. Care is to be taken at low tide, as it can dredge heavily. All the surfers need to be alert as occasional sharks can pose a threat.
  6. Geisel Monument: So named because of the Geisel family which was buried here, this is some 7 miles north of Gold Beach.
  7. Seven Devils Wayside: This spot is 10 miles north of Bandon and is suitable for surfing, kayaking and kite boarding
  8. Winchuck Wayside: Along the Winchuck River, this charming spot is also a good for fishing and clamming. This is about 5 miles south of Brookings.
  9. Crissey Field: This estuary where river Winchuck River meets the Pacific abounds in marine-based wildlife. McVay Wayside: This lies south of Brookings and is a favorite spot for surfing as well as picnicking.
  10. Pistol River: This is a spot south of Gold Beach about eleven miles away. Pistol River Wave Bash is a windsurfing championship held here annually. This is a fantastic spot to surf in Southern Oregon.

South coast of Oregon has many charms as well as some of the best known and liked surf spots. Many of them have facilities like bathrooms, telephones and are located in city or state parks. The surfing in Southern Oregon definitely warrants a wet suit before venturing out for surfing. It is best to check weather conditions and talk to experts and local surf-shoppers to have a safe and happy surfing experience.



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