The Best Swimsuits For Water Polo

In the world of water polo competitive swimwear design and manufacture there are names synonymous with quality, scientifically designed, durable, and stylish construction. Keep reading, and their names will become quickly apparent. 

  1. TYR Storm ½ Zip Tank. This is one sleek, body hugging, functional womens water polo swimsuit. Swimsuit body construction is nylon, and lycra with insert construction of neoprene, nylon, polyester, spandex.
  2. Speedo Endurance FL Avenger Water Polo Swimsuit. From a name known for excellence in competitive swimwear, Speedo has designed a long lasting water polo womens swimsuit that can handle repeated exposure to chlorine, bromine, oils, and body lotions. The FL Avenger construction is 50 percent polyester, and 50 percent PBT.
  3. TYR Water Polo Predator. The Predator fills all the requirements of an excellent water polo swimsuit. The Predator provides a sleek, tight but comfortable fit, and is durable.  The suit construction is 86 percent nylon, and 24 percent lycra.
  4. Nike Swim Water Polo High Neck Tank. Nike has thrown its hat into the ring of competitive swimwear, and is an immediate contender. The Neck Tank is 100 percent polyester construction, with a back zipper. The suit is also chlorine resistant.
  5. Turbo USA Water Polo Suit. This mens water polo suit is constructed with an inner drawstring for snug fit, and for added secure fit has reinforced seams. The suit is also fully line in the rear and front, with 45 percent polyester and 55 percent PBT fabric construction.
  6. Speedo Limited Edition Flipturns Color Block Water Polo Brief. This mens water polo brief is designed with an inner drawstring for customized, snug fit, with front lining.  Fabric construction is 50 percent polyester and 50 percent PBT.
  7. Nike Swim Angled Lanes Water Polo Brief. This great looking water polo brief  has an inner drawstring for a comfortable, customized, and secure fit, and is 100 percent polyester construction.  The briefs are also lined in the front and of course the Nike swoosh is embroidered into the fabric.
  8. Speedo Male Water Polo Avenger Polyester Brief. The fabric for this water polo brief style is especially designed to resist fading, stretching, and stands the test of fabric degradation due to repeated exposure to chlorine and bromine. Fabric construction is 100 percent polyester.
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