Best Synthetic Pheromones

Looking for the best synthetic pheromones? Some people have all the luck, people naturally tend to gravitate towards them. They date the hottest most attractive men and women. The difference may be the pheromones they emit. These products deliver a noticeable dose of pheromones that are sure to attract the opposite sex.

  1. Ultra Allure has a great reputation for attracting women. Ultra Allure offers a high dose of natural pheromones that are lost during the showering process. Some pheromones just do not work well with the chemistry of some bodies, therefore Ultra Allure offers a ninety day money back guarantee. This is definitely one of the best synthetic pheromones on the market.
  2. The pheromone institute has a product simply titled super concentrated pheromone. There is a formula for men as well as women. This is one of the best synthetic pheromones on the market due to the high level of concentration. It is quite pricey but features a money back guarantee if it fails to attract.
  3. Adam and Eve. This product is intended for both sexes. This product is one of the best synthetic pheromones on the market because it features a large amount of ginger, which is a natural element that has been linked with pheromone properties.
  4. So horny candle. This candle features a berry scent and a complex list of ingredients including pheromones. It is designed to create a mood and enhance the attraction of the opposite sex.
  5. PHER X. This popular pheromone features a light scent that is undetectable under regular cologne or perfume. The price is reasonable when ordered online as well.
  6. For those who like options features the option to get the 100% pheromone or a pheromone injected perfume. Both options are extremely powerful and effective. They also feature a money back guarantee. What makes the pheromones on this site one of the best options for synthetic pheromones is the fact that you can purchase trial sizes. This allows an individual the option to sample the pheromone to ensure that it is compatible with their body chemistry.
  7. Androstenone. Many men will agree that Androstenone is one of the best synthetic hormones on the market. They have also created a formula for women as well. They offer the coveted money back guarantee for their product and a long list of satisifed customers.
  8. The Mistress. The Mistress pheromone for women is a rave on the web. This pheromone is being touted as one of the best female synthetic hormones for a reason, it features a laundry list of ingredients that have been proven to feature pheromone attrracting properties.
  9. The Edge Trust. Then you want Edge Trust. This product features Oxycotin along with pheromones for increased effectiveness. That makes it an excellent choice for one of the best synthetic pheromones.
  10. The “Silky Sheets” line of products. This line proves that not all pheromones need to be used on the body. The only step that is needed to enjoy the benefits of the product is to simply sprinkle some of the odorless talc on the sheets and get ready for action.

The effect of pheromones on human beings has been a cause of deep discussion and dispute. There have been several reports including several news reports that proved that pheromones indeed serve the purpose of attraction. These ten synthetic pheromones offer potent formulas that are sure to attract even the most stubborn of prey.

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