Best Tan Lines On Women

The best tan lines on women is a debatable subject. Its been rumored that most men equate no tan lines with fake tanning salons. Nonetheless, since summer is officially here, let's take a look at some of the best places for women to have tan lines.

  1. Bra Tan Lines. There's just something about a tanned woman with bra tan lines. Maybe its the color fluctuation or the idea of what lies within those lines. Nonetheless, bra tan lines remain one of the recognizable and branded areas. Women especially, tend to love the attention that bra lines bring them and of course the rights to brag about the superiority of their bronzed glow. There's also something naughty about seeing tan lines that makes one feel rather x-rated. In today's society, bra lines are thought to be a fad of the past. However, there seems to be a strong following of people who prefer tan lines especially the in the bra area of females. The bra line boasts some of the best tan lines on women.
  2. Bikini Tan Lines. The past few summer fashions have loaned its appeal to hip hugger jeans. More women are sporting tan lines under hip huggers, complete with the matching g-string underneath. More times than not, the bikini line tan is celebrated at the beach. The bikini area might be the most celebrated area to have a tan line because of its strategic location. There's just something about provocative about area that makes most men go crazy with lust. Consequently,men and women alike will agree that the bikini area tends to have the best tan lines. The bikini area was voted in recent years to be the bets tan line on women.
  3. Buttocks Tan Lines. With a shapely derriere being in style, this area remains a excellent place for tan lines. Its something about having all of that glory smashed inside a good fitting bikini. Since most women at the beach love to lay on their stomach to catch some sun rays, this area tends to receive a lot of love.
  4. Leg Tan Lines. The legs have it! Yes, tan lines on women legs are sexy. Depending on the woman's style and apparel, most can pull off leg lines and live to tell about it.
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