Best Tasting Non-Alcoholic Beers

Have you ever wondered which are the best tasting non-alcoholic beers? People drink beer for the taste, so if you're looking for a good tasting, non-alcoholic beer, try one of these five best tasting beers. It's important to know that most non-alcoholic beers still contain a small percentage of alcohol, but it's usually less than a half percent.

  1. Kaliber. This non-alcoholic beer is among the best tasting around. It is a rich, amber color and tastes a little more "hoppier" than the others. It's brewed as a lager and has the alcohol removed at the end of brewing. It is made in Ireland, by Guiness.
  2. Clausthaler Classic. This beer is made by Binding, a German company. It tastes more like an imported beer than a domestic beer, and while drinking it, it almost seems like a traditional alcohol-included beer. It has a fresh flavor with a full body taste.
  3. Haake Beck.  This non-alcoholic beer is produced in Bremen, Germany by Braverei Beck & Company. It smells great like corn and grassy hops; much like a pilsener. It is clear gold in color and has some fruity overtones.
  4. O'doul's Amber. Made by Anheuser-Busch, this non-alcoholic beer has a clear, light amber color. It has a smooth taste and a crisp finish.
  5. Buckler. This beer is made by Heineken in Holland. Although it is a little harder to find than some of the others, it is one of the best tasting non-alcoholic beers on the market. The combination of flavor is perfect. It is sharp, crisp and refreshing. 
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