Best Techno Songs Ever

The best techno songs can make you happy and make you want to dance. They can get a party moving and induce raves on a moment's notice. With a movement that has gone worldwide, techno music has transformed the way people listen to music. If you are looking for some new beats to spice up your party, these songs will help to liven things up.

  1. "Technologic" Daft Punk This song has great cadence and tells the listener every action that can be done to a piece of technology has been created on top of a beat that is very distinguishable and makes it easy for you to start dancing.
  2. "DotA" Basshunter Mixing video games and techno music is not that much of a jump, but Basshunter makes it fun. Although it is in Swedish, the song and the beat of the music make it a very interesting piece. The video is quite fun and even though you may not be able to understand the words, the video is also quite hilarious.
  3. "Somnambulate" BT After making an appearance on the hit dancing game "Dance Dance Revolution," Somnambulate made quite a splash, launching BT to a level of fame that he had not reached before; he was able to produce many hit songs. Somnambulate managed to mingle the rhythms of techno with lyrics and added to the meaning of the song.
  4. "Sandstorm" Darude This song helped make techno music more mainstream. Although many will say that this song is overplayed, the number of people that started listening to the techno genre because of this song is tremendous. Its tune is widely recognized and it still has the ability to get a crowd motivated to jump and move.
  5. "Zombie Nation" Kernkraft 400 Zombie Nation has been infiltrating sports arenas since its release. The music allows for mindless sports fans to sing along. It has even been composed into arrangements for pep bands to play in stands during college hockey games. If looking for a song that is sure to please, you don't need to look no further than Zombie Nation.
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