Best Tennis Racquet For Tennis Elbow

If you suffer from this painful condition, you need to know the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow. Hopefully you already have the racquet or one similar. Tennis elbow results from a continuous twisting motion in the arm and contact with the ball during all strokes. Tennis elbow can be minimized with stronger racquets, lighter racquets, and racquets with larger head sizes.  The Wilson BLX Six One Lite fits all of these requirements very well. Here are some highlights that make this racquet the best racquet for tennis elbow.

  1. This racquet is still one of the tour series racquets. Although this racquet is well suited specifically for players with tennis elbow, this racquet is still used by pros on the tour.
  2. It has the largest head size of the tour series racquets. The head size is 102 square inches. A head size this large means a larger sweet spot, and therefore less shock on the arm due to missing the sweet spot. The larger head size also has a play in power, therefore requiring less effort from the player with tennis elbow.
  3. Wilson BLX Six.One Lite is the lightest tour racquet available. The racquet weighs in at 9.5 ounces which is lighter than most racquets out there, period. The lightness also will decrease the pain felt from tennis elbow due to less effort having to be used.
  4. Volanic rock was used to create fibers to make the racquet. These fibers were bound with karophite to create a racquet experts say causes less shock and more stability. You can bet these state of the art technologies make this the best tennis racquet for tennis elbow.
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