Best Tequila

Serve the best tequila and your party will be a hit. Tequila is a delicious liquor, served in moderation, of course. Tequila is made from the agave plant, a desert plant found in desert climates like the American Southwest and Mexico. Often blue agave plants are used to create the best tequila. For tequila to be rated as one of the best, it must have a smooth finish and delicious flavor that appeals to a wide range of palates.

The best tequila is Tequila AsomBroso Extra Anejo. This ranking of best tequila was voted and ranked by members of a tequila website that reviews tequila brands in nose to nose comparisons. Actual drinkers of tequila ranked Tequila AsomBroso Extra Anejo the best tequila. This tequila was also voted "top tequila" at the World Spirits Compeition. It was also named "best of the best" by the Robb Report.

The best tequila is aged for five years. This sipping tequila is aged a minimum of five years in French oak casks. This length of time for aging gives the tequila a smooth, mellow finish.

This tequila is made from the best agave plants. The agave plants that are used to make Tequila AsomBroso Extra Anejo are hand selected blue agave when they are at their peak maturity. The recipe for making this tequila uses old-fashioned methods combined with the best modern techniques. It is distilled and filtered multiple times to achieve the smooth taste and finish.

The appearance and smell are distinctive. The best tequila is a dark color with a hint of caramel flavor. One reviewer commented on the tequila having charcoal, caramel, and wood notes. Another taster of this tequila described the flavor as having caramel and butter flavor notes. A third taster described the flavor as being delicate with a honey and vanilla finish. The bottom line is that this tequila is complex and has a sweetness to its flavor.

Enjoy the best tequila correctly. Pour a sipping tequila into a snifter to let it breathe a bit before enjoying it. Sipping tequila is best served at room temperature or slightly cooler for the best flavor. So, if you're planning a tasting party, this tequila will fit the bill. If, on the other hand, you're planning to mix up a batch of margaritas, this is probably not the tequila for that job.

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