Best Time Of Day To Hunt Deer

The best time of day to hunt deer is when they are active. Deer bed down more than sixteen hours a day on the average. They seldom remain bedded down for more than a couple of hours at a time. Deer will usually get up and stretch, but they almost never go into a deep sleep.

Studies have shown that deer are most active around twilight and sunrise. They are considered crepuscular animals because of these habits. The best time of day to hunt a deer is during twilight and sunrise. Be sure to check your local hunting regulations as in many states it is illegal to kill a deer when the sun is below the horizon.

While deer are most active during twilight and sunrise, research has shown that they are also likely to be active around midday. The key to hunting deer during midday is to know the area where the deer are. Scout the area you are planning to hunt a few weeks before your actual hunt. If you can locate a bedding area and identify game trails, you will increase your chances of a successful harvest.

Deer tend to travel the same routes between bedding and feeding. They form trails that often skirt open areas and run parallel to creeks and rivers or follow the contours of hills. By finding a trail during your scouting, you will have an excellent chance to blend into the surroundings so that the deer cannot see, hear or smell you when they go about their usual routine.

In desert areas where water is scarce, a watering hole is a good place to set up to watch for deer. You will want to be in place well before sunup or sundown, which is the best time of day to hunt deer.


Missouri Department of Conservation

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