Best Times to Climb Half Dome

If you are a nature enthusiast, you may be wondering when the best times to climb Half Dome in Yosemite National Forest are. Due to the height and danger associated with climbing the Half Dome, there are certain times of the day and week that you should climb Half Dome to have the best experience possible.

Half Dome is a soaring 8,842 feet in elevation with multiple trails you can take to reach the top. The average time it takes to climb Half Dome is ten to fourteen hours. With this in mind, it’s important to learn the best times to climb Half Dome.

To experience the most of the Half Dome day hike, it’s recommended to take the journey during the summer. However, this does come with a down side. If you choose to hike during the weekend, the lines for the base cables can take hours. For this reason, it’s recommended you choose to hike during the week to avoid the crowds. To beat the crowds, you can also choose to camp near the Half Dome for easier access and a decreased traveling time. The Little Yosemite Valley is located just below Half Dome and offers a great area to camp.

If the previously-stated recommended climbing preferences aren’t an option, there are other times available to climb Half Dome. Other best times to climb Half Dome are between mid-May and October. It is best to visit the national park on a weekday. The early morning hours of the day are the ideal time to visit. It’s recommended that you check the forecast prior to planning a trip to Yosemite because thunderclouds are quite common in the area.


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