Best Times to Surf in Hawaii

What are the the best times to surf in Hawaii? The weather in Hawaii is beautiful in the summer and we can’t wait to get out there and feel the water splash over us and the wind whip through our hair as we steady ourselves on that surfboard and caught the best wave back toward the beach.

Maybe you have never made it to Hawaii to surf, but you’ve always wanted to. Here’s a chance to really hit the big waves and the waves all those surfers talk about. Once you make reservations and purchase plane tickets to head off to the Hawaiian Islands, you’ll need to find out the best times to surf. There are waves at all times in Hawaii and those waves rise up and give you goosebumps. It seems that spring is the best season for surfing. You’ll find that waves in the North Shore can reach up to 25 feet.

Summer isn’t the best season to surf in Hawaii because the swells aren’t as high. Plus, you’ll have a lot of competition for the waves and the beach. Summer is tourist season because kids are out of school and everyone wants to visit the Hawaiian Islands.

Fall isn’t a bad season to surf. The beach isn’t that crowded and there aren’t many pro surfers around. If you are a beginner, you’ll want to take surfing lessons before tackling the big waves. If you are a pro surfer, you’ll enjoy the beautiful swells almost any time of the year.


Hawaii Surfing Guide



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