Best Timex Watches With GPS

If you want to take your workout to the next level of precision and tracking, check out this list of the best Timex watches with GPS.  Much more than a simple time-telling device, these watches use satellite positioning to calculate your speed, pace, distance, and more.  While GPS technology is just starting to be utilized in the watch market, these three choices are the best Timex watches with GPS you’ll find. 

  1. Timex T5B501 Speed + Distance Watch If you’re looking for Timex watches with GPS, this is a great place to start.  The Speed + Distance digital watch uses the Navman I GPS tracking system to report speed, pace, and distance while you’re running, biking, rowing, or any other type of workout.  With a built-in odometer, you won’t have to worry about tracking the distance of your workouts ever again.  Of course, in addition to its GPS abilities, the Speed + Distance watch also features the reliable and incredibly accurate time-telling capabilities that Timex made famous.
  2. Timex Ironman Global Trainer When you’re ready for the most advanced GPS system Timex offers, you’ve got to check out the Ironman Global Trainer.  It’s got all the precision and accuracy of the other Timex watches with GPS, but with so many bells and whistles that it has to be seen to be believed.  The watch keeps track of not only the distance you travel, but also how much of that distance is on inclines or declines.  You can keep track of waypoints you hit along the way to record and plan routes for future workouts.  If all that wasn’t enough, all the data recorded by the Ironman Global Trainer can be downloaded to your computer and analyzed using online training software to make sure you’re getting the most out of each and every workout.
  3. Timex T5D761 Digital Speed and Distance Sensor This stand-alone sensor may not seem like it should be on a list of the best Timex watches with GPS, but the beauty of the device it that it can make all Timex Bodylink, Ironman, Triathalon, and Speed + Distance watches GPS-ready.  When used in collaboration with your current watch, the sensor will give you nearly exact read-outs for speed and distance.  No calibration is required to get the GPS up and going, so this little tool can literally enhance your Timex watch with GPS capabilities in seconds.

Timex is just starting to explore the possibility of GPS in their watches, but these three options already offer the most sophisticated workout tracking money can buy.  Check out these Timex watches with GPS and get ready to run, bike, swim, or ski with more precision and accuracy than ever before.



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