Best Timex Watches With Interval Timers

The best Timex watches with interval timers all share a common trait. They are made by one of the oldest and most trustworthy watch companies in Timex, and they usually monitor a person's heart rate or other vital statistic. These types of watches are ideal for athletes or even people who are looking to lose weight or just maintain their weight, as these Timex watches provide exact data for vital statistics.

  1. Timex Ironman Men's Race Trainer Heart Rate Monitor Watch. This Timex watch with an interval timer is ideal for athletes who want to train for races or simply just build up their bodies in workout sessions. This watch comes with five interval timers to monitor individual heart target zones. Another great thing about this watch is you can upload your workout data straight to your PC.
  2. Timex Men's T5E231 Ironman 100-Lap FLIX System Watch. This Timex watch with interval timer is your go-to watch if you want to achieve sports training that keeps track of all your important data. Oh, yeah. And this watch is quite stylish, too. Its interval timers are nine strong and allow you to set them up to 24 hours in advance. It also includes the Timex Flix System that activates your Indiglo night-light with just one flick of your wrist.
  3. Timex Men's Ironman 50-Lap Sleek Watch. Featuring sports functionality and a sharp, aerodynamic casing, the Ironman 50-Lap Timex watch features two interval timers. A digital watch with a generous, 50-lap memory, this Timex watch also provides athletes with water resistance up to 100 meters. That's some depth alright…if you are a dolphin.
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