Best Tires For BMW 328i

When it comes to the best tires for a BMV 328i, you want to buy performance tires. Performance tires are a lower profile tire that allows for maximum grip on the road. The best tires for a BMV 328i have a stiffer suspension that stops body roll. From summer tires to all season radials, these tires below will be the perfect match for your BMW 328i.

  1. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S Plus This tire for a BMW 328i is a high speed, low profile tire. The Pilot Sport A/S Plus utilizes Michelin's TriFusion Compound that uses three different tire compounds for maximum performance. The dry handing compound is on the outer edges of the tire and improves the way the tire handles on a dry roadway. The center compounds are designed for wet roads and improves the control and handling on the roads.
  2. Bridgestone Potenza RE960AS Pole Position The dual layer compound that provides grip on dry roads along with an open edge tread design that allows water to flow away the tread lands this tire as one of the best tires for a BMW 328i. The directional tread design allows for excellent grip and handling while the edge gives biting grip into wet or lightly snowy roads. 
  3. Sumitomo HTR Z III Although this is purely a summer tire, it is one of the best tires for a BMV 328i. To gain wet traction control and lessen the chance of hydroplaning, the tread design contains long grooves to remove the water from under the tire. The silica enhanced tire compound gives the tires lower rolling resistance while adding traction to the harder tire.
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