Best Titanium Dive Knives

The best titanium dive knives offer safety and reliability. These five titanium knives offer this as allot more. When dicing the last thing you need to be concerned about is the usefulness and safety of your dive knife. A solid dive knife is necessary and its features are vital to a safe dive. These titanium dive knives offer the diver everything including piece of mind.

  1. XS Scuba Titanium Saw Dive Knife: This lightweight, ultra-grip and 100% corrosive titanium dive knife provides a sharp, durable and rust resistant blade. This blade offers a sharp edge, razor point and serrated back to provide sawing capability. The no slip back and easy to remove and replace sheath promote safety and proper use just based on design.
  2. Tilos Beta Titanium Point Shark Tip Dive Knife: A lightweight, heavy duty titanium dive knife that offers razor thin impact points but over the top strength and durability. The easy to maneuver handle makes using this knife a cinch. No slip handle with finger grooves puts this tool in your hand to stay. The traditional sheath is easy return and the hardened shell make slipping next to impossible.
  3. Atomic Titanium Dive Knife: One dynamic sheath holds two titanium blades, one blunt the other pointed. Front entry puts the point away from the diver and keeps the knives secure. Multi-use tool for most any diving requirement, accompanied by a blade that can cover most any encounter a diver may have.
  4. Armor Titanium Folding Dive Knife: A more traditional approach to titanium diving knives is this offering. The fold in return is smooth and glides nicely to keep its motion clean and quick. The lightweight blade is ultra durable and provides an excellent mechanical operation to cutting, holding and safety.
  5. Knife- Titanium 3" Blade with Sheepsfoot Tip: This lightweight and well designed dive knife is titanium at its best. Lightweight, incredibly strong and durable, this knife is a divers dream. Very simplistic to use and store with all the amenities to cover safety and comfort of use.
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