Best Tom Selleck Movies

The best Tom Selleck movies are the ones you remember back in the old days. In 1965 Tom Selleck made his first appearance on televisions across America when he was chosen to appear on a dating show. Soon after, he caught the acting bug and starting pursuing acting as a career instead of trying to get a date.

  1. "In & Out." Cast as Peter Malloy in the 1997 movie "In & Out," Tom Selleck plays an openly gay journalist who reports on the story of a small town teacher who denies being gay after one of his former students announces it at the Academy Awards. One of the funniest Tom Selleck movies to date, viewers will appreciate what an amazing job Selleck did playing his part.
  2. "3 Men & A Baby." One of the best known Tom Selleck movies, he plays Peter Mitchell in the 1987 comedy, "3 Men and a Baby." The mustached actor plays one of three bachelors that has to care for a baby girl when one of their girlfriends drops the baby off and leaves. Although marketed as a "chick flick," even masculine men find this movie to be hilarious.
  3. "Quigley Down Under." Released in 1990, Tom Selleck plays a hired sharpshooter in the western film, "Quigley Down Under."  In the film, Selleck heads to Australia to perform a job but ends up abandoning post and the rancher who hired him is not too pleased. This is one of those rare Tom Selleck movies that has action, romance and everything in between.
  4. "Lassiter." Tom Selleck stars in "Lassiter," which was filmed in 1984. A crime drama where you see Selleck play a jewel thief who is nabbed. A deal is made to avoid prison, but Selleck must steal millions of dollars worth of gems. Mystery, crime and drama keep viewers on their toes in this Tom Selleck movie.
  5. "Mr. Baseball." Released in 1992, Tom Selleck plays Jack Elliot in "Mr. Baseball." Complete with romance, comedy and sports, the plot of this Tom Selleck movie revolves around a failing baseball player who is traded to a Japanese team and has trouble fitting in.
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