Best Trails For Nude Hiking In Arizona

You don't have to search very far to find the best nude hiking trails in Arizona. With a near perfect climate and several clothing optional resorts in the area, it is also the place to find hiking trails where baring it all is the name of the game. 

Hiking in the nude offers a chance to experience nature in the most natural state. To remove clothing is to eliminate a barrier between the body and the elements. The skin, with millions of touch receptors takes in the feel of the air, the rough sand, the breeze and the warmth of the sun. Many hikers feel they are happiest when trekking through the wilderness in the raw. 

Nude hikers feel the freedom from clothing is worth risking the occasional stares from clothed hikers. While many hiking trails in Arizona are frequented by those who enjoy hiking in the buff, most are not exclusive to nudists. 

  1. Outside Phoenix is Sycamore Creek. There you will find both nude and clothed swimmers and hikers. 
  2. For a more secluded hike, try hiking on the south side of Saddle Mountain. This is just outside of Eldorado you are sure to have plenty of privacy for a nude hike, and the scenery is spectacular.
  3. Try hiking on the Forest Service Roads, between Flagstaff and Sedona. This is heavy duty wilderness, and less likely a chance of running into other hikers, but the scenery is amazing.
  4. Reddington Pass, near Tuscon is an easily accessible trail. This is one of the largest pieces of recreational land in this area and not infrequently visited by hikers in the buff.

Some nude hikers carry a backpack for hiking necessities, such as bug spray, sunscreen, water bottles, camera and a towel to sit on. And, if you come across an unsuspecting hiker, fully clothed , you can use the towel for a quick cover up, too. Good hiking boots can prevent injuries to your feet, and might be the only piece of clothing a nude hiker might consider wearing. 

Hiking in the nude in Arizona is a great way to experience nature in your own skin. Happy trails!

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