Best Tree Climbing Equipment And Bucket Trucks

The best tree climbing equipment and bucket trucks go hand in hand for all your tree climbing activities. Good tree climbing equipment should provide an efficient and reliable progression up any tree while also making you feel safe and secure in your endeavor.

  1. CMI Ultrascenders with Straps. The CMI Ultrascenders with straps is your basic tree climbing equipment. They let average people use the provided stirrups by inserting and removing their feet quickly, thereby enabling them to switch between climbing tree branches and climbing the rope.
  2. Petzl Pantin Foot-Mounted Ascender. The Petzl Pantin Foot-Mounted Ascender empowers you to make less burdensome and gives you faster vertical progress. This ascender, an essential part in anyone's tree climbing equipment, glides up climbing ropes when you go to lift your foot and latches onto the rope when you put weight on it. For efficiency purposes, you can even kick your foot free of this rope when you reach a branch.
  3. Altec/Lift-all LOM10-55; Ford F750. This bucket truck that combines a Ford F750 truck with an Altec/Lift-all boom comes with a 6.7 liter Cummins engine. With a 2000 pound hydraulic material handler with a hydraulic load gauge, this bucket truck will do all the heavy duty jobs you need it to.
  4. Altec TA50M; Hino 338. The Altec TA50M boom and the Hino 338 truck are the perfect combination for your bucket truck needs. With a working height of 55 feet and a bucket that can hold two men, this bucket truck gets the job done each and every time.
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