Best Tree Climbing Equipment In Birmingham Al

The best tree climbing equipment in Birmingham, Alabama, allows locals in the Birmingham area to climb trees with ease and safety. Tree climbing equipment should be all about getting you up a tree quickly, but with a focus on safety and security, too.

  1. Buckingham Tree Climbing Equipment. Buckingham Tree Climbing Equipment is one of the best sellers in the local Birmingham area. It is so popular because it features a replaceable gaff tree climber that comes with a 64 millimeter long gaffe, a 121 millimeter long straight, wide stirrups and rings to connect to the foot straps. A comprehensive set of this climbing equipment comes with climbers including sleeves, pads, leg straps, gaffs and fasteners.
  2. Throw Weight and Line Kits. Throw weight and line kits are essential to any climber's repertoire, especially if you want to position ropes used for climbing trees perfectly. With aerodynamic tendencies and polyethylene materials, these throw weight and line kits also include lines that reach more than 150 feet. The more lightweight lines are excellent at positioning your more heavy ropes in just the right manner. The kits come in two varieties: a twelve ounce variety and a sixteen ounce variety.
  3. Weaver 4-Dee Extra Wide Back Saddle. The Weaver 4-Dee extra wide back saddle ensures your safety while climbing trees whether you are an arborist or you just like to work as a landscaper who moonlights as someone who advertises tree care. Also providing comfort where it is required the most, this saddle provides those who climb trees with optimum support and cushioning so that you won't feel uncomfortable while doing your job.
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