Best Tree Climbing Safety Harness

Purchasing the best tree climbing safety harness is an easy task for those that are very knowledgeable about what to look for in a tree climbing safety harness. However, for those who are not as knowledgeable in this area can lead to making disastrous choices when choosing a tree climbing safety harness. Creating a checklist and including a few simple items is a quick and simple way to help make a choosing the best safety harness an easy choice.   

  1. The Hunter Safety System Pro is a top of the line name brand safety system for most hunters. This ultimate safety harness system is equipped with eight pockets that are silent when used. The elastic armholes allow this harness system to go on with ease. The bonus features included with this harness is a lineman’s climbing and suspension relief strap.
  2. The Hunter Safety System Treestalker Harness equips the avid hunter with several necessary built in components. These components allow necessities like treestands and optics to travel easily with the hunter. Four oversized pockets are also included to accommodate even more accessories.
  3. The Exo Tech Harness is a ventilated and comfortable parachute style harness. The extensive webbing and ropes on this safety harness absorbs all the shock from a fall. The climbing built in anchors allows the harness and safety climbing ropes to be quickly stowed away. These additional features make this harness stand out from the rest.
  4. The DBI SALA EXOFit Derrick Harness lightweight and durable materials acts like a second skin to the wearer. The featured quick release buckles are fast enough to release in less than two seconds. The no tangle design also allows the maintenance of the harness shape when worn for extended periods.
  5. The Big Game Tree Stands EZ on Harness includes a tree belt and a lineman’s belt. The leg strap quick release buckles allow for quicker adjustments.
  6. The Ergovation Fall Arrest Harness is the best safety harness to have if a dorsal fall arrest should happen. This harness can also support the use of single rope techniques. The quality point of this harness surrounds the fact that it has proven to reduce the strain on the lower back and disperses the weight properly.
  7. The API Outdoors Grand Slam Extreme is a reversible safety harness that can easily flip from orange to camouflage. The built in binocular and range finder straps are an added bonus to this stealth safety harness. This ventilated mesh harness is comfortable enough to wear all day. The ten pockets on the harness allow for an abundant amount of storage.
  8. The Rescue One CDS (Controlled Descent System) II, dubbed as the only full body harness system, is convenient and comfortable. This harness system is like no other because it allows the wearer to safely lower all the way to the ground up to 30 feet. The harness line has less weight than other harness systems and is one size fits all. The harness comes packed with a lineman’s rope, three Carabineers and a tree anchor strap.
  9. The Summit Seat-O-The-Pants Deluxe is non-bulky and the hunter can wear it under or over regular hunting gear. The Prussic Knot tree rope, that comes included, can double as a lineman-climbing belt. The mesh back allows natural air circulation to the wearer and contributes to the overall comfort level of the safety harness.
  10. The Body Armour Gadget Extreme surpasses all of the other safety harness’ practicability with the extra storage all around the harness. It comes equipped with nine pockets, four retractors, and two gear bands. Bowstring rests as well as heavy-duty straps and a removable bow strap are also included. The unique and fully customizable harness adjusts by modifying the chest straps.
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