Best Valley Kayak Hatch Covers

The best Valley Kayak hatch covers make sure your valuables and possessions do not ever get wet while you are in your kayak. These hatch covers will also make sure that your stuff remains in one, easy-to-locate and safe place that you can get to, no matter what.

  1. Valley Round Day Hatch Cover. The Valley Round Day hatch cover does not just fit Valley products, it also fits Necky kayaks, Wilderness Systems kayaks and even VCP round hatch rims. It will fit in any oval hatch rim of any Valley Canoe product, including kayaks. This hatch cover by Valley will make sure that the seal is so airtight that water does not get into your kayak's hatch.
  2. Valley Sea Kayaks Round Hatch Cover. This hatch cover for sea kayaks is made especially to act as a replacement cover for Valley hatches. The diameter of this hatch cover is seven and a half inches, and it is advised that you use protectant on this cover for safety against the elements as well as to ensure a longer life.
  3. Valley Sea Kayaks Oval Hatch Cover. This Valley kayak hatch cover is the replacement cover for Valley model kayaks that come with the oval hatch instead of the aforementioned round version. The dimensions of this oval hatch cover are significantly bigger, measuring sixteen inches by nine inches in diameter. The material on this oval hatch cover makes all the difference in the world. It uses a strong type of rubber that creates a tough seal that still offers easy access to your equipment.
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