Best Venture Skateboard Trucks

This article will take a look at the best Venture skateboard trucks on the market. Venture Skateboard Truck Company is a fantastic Texas-based company offering top of the line skateboard trucks. Venture trucks are geared towards all levels of skateboarding capabilities. You do not have to be a professional to enjoy the dynamic offerings of Venture. Their trucks are professionally graded and very affordable. Venture trucks offer some of the best and cutting edge trucks on the market. Check out the selection below and judge for yourself. Venture offers something for everyone. Venture skateboard trucks are flash and cash on the circuit.

  1. Venture Trucks Venture Trucks 5.0 Low Rasta (7.75 inch axle): A little flash never hurt anyone. These trucks are handsomely colored in lightning yellow and green. Nevermind the flash because these trucks are the best. Offering stiff motion to keep you in your turns, keeping you tight to the road and fast, this is a great multi-use truck.
  2. Venture Trucks Venture Trucks 5.25 Hi Red (eight inch axle): In the market for speed and handling. This truck will hit you some top speeds, while keeping you grounded. The high profile provides resistance and hold on sharp corners. This truck is expertly constructed, boasting superior durability to meet the long-term goals of the boarder.
  3. Venture Trucks Venture Trucks 5.25 Low Forged Black/Gun Metal: Looking to bust a half pipe or quarter pipe? This fresh truck is designed for hardcore flight. The low profile provides security when hitting the ramp. The design and reinforcement boast professional grade stability and flair.
  4. Venture Trucks Venture Trucks 5.0 Low Forged Black/Gun Metal: A shorter wheelbase is not an issue here. Increase the speed and take the jumps to another level. The craftsmanship is as expected, expert and tightly wrapped. This is a versatile jumper and road warrior, great truck at any level.
  5. Venture Trucks Venture Trucks 5.0 Low Polished (7.75 inch axle): Is another finely manufactured truck that boasts a versatile role. Shiny and traditional, this truck is far from mundane. Able to play with the big boys, Venture rolls out this inexpensive masterpiece.
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