Best Verizon Smartphones

The best Verizon smartphones are all versatile, easy to use, and have all of most up to date features and capabilities. Smartphones are known for their ability to run much more powerful programs than regular cellular phones. These apps can be extremely useful and fun if you take the time to download them. Furthermore, smartphones can connect to the internet and have overall superior wireless service.

  1. iPhone 4 – This phone used to be available only through AT&T, but now Verizon also has the rights to it and it is one of the best Verizon smart phones you can buy. It is the biggest competitor to the Android series of smartphones and has great reviews and capabilities. It allows you to use all of the most advanced applications and is very popular. The iPhone 4 now comes in white as well as the original black color it has been known for.
  2. Motorola Droid X2 – The Android phones are considered to be direct competitors with the iPhones and are equally powerful. They can perform all of the same functions as an iPhone and are very similar in style and performance. This phone can connect to the Internet with lightning speed and download all the powerful apps you could ever want or need on your cell phone. It is one of Verizon's best smartphones, and it will keep you entertained for countless hours.
  3. Blackberry Bold – Blackberry phones have been around since the beginning of smartphones and are known for having great performance and being some of the best Verizon phones. The Blackberry Bold is one of the newer and more popular models. This phone can run several different applications, allows you to check your email, and can connect to the internet just like all other smartphones. This phone is popular among users who do not like touch screen phones and would prefer to type on a keyboard style pad instead.
  4. HTC Thunderbold – This touch screen phone is cool and trendy and competes with all of the top smartphones on the market. It can connect to the Internet, play music, check email, and allows you to utilize all of the powerful apps available for cell phones. With its different style and feel, it sets itself apart as one of Verizon's best smartphones.
  5. Samsung Droid Charge – It has great reviews and is an excellent quality phone. The Samsung Droid Charge has great connection capabilities, can play music, and allows you to do all of the regular smartphone functions. It has a different look and feel than many of the other phones on the market and will differentiate you from others.
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