Best Video Game Villains Of All Time

These are the 10 best video game villains of all time. Without a good video game villain, a game just does not seem to be as much fun. But these ten video games hit the nail right on the head. Not only did they get villains that are fun to beat, but they got villains that just improve the story line altogether. Here are the ten best video game villains of all time:

  1. Bowser- This Mario villain is easily the most famous video game villain ever. Whether he is kidnapping the princess in "Super Mario Brothers" or serving up aces in "Mario tennis", Bowser will never go down with out a fight.
  2. Vega- Admit it. Vega, although strange, is one of the greatest video game villains. Seriously though, who got the idea of a bull fighting ninja? Well that is not important, what is important is how fun it is every time we are forced to go toe to toe with this villain.
  3. Hydra- The Hydra battle is just perhaps the most fun in the modern mega hit "God Of War". And hey, if you are good enough to be the best in a game that is Play Stations best, then you have our attention.
  4. Dr Wily- What is he a doctor of? Not important really. What is important at how he became one of the most famous villains ever in one of the greatest video game series ever, "Mega Man".
  5. Officer Tenpenny- Don't you just hate it when the cops try to bust you on your car jacking streak? Well if you ever played "Grand Theft Auto" you do. Officer tenpenny is the main villain in the most controversial video game series ever.
  6. Dr Robotnik- Never has fighting for the environment been so much fun than in Sega's mega hit (and perhaps only hit) "Sonic The Hedgehog". Fans of Sonic everywhere enjoyed fighting against this man who apparently was not a fan of cuddly critters.
  7. M Bison- M Bison is the second video game villain to make this list from the "Street Fighters" series. M Bison was maybe the hardest man to beat in the "Street Fighter" series, and lets face it. We all like a challenge.
  8. Hitler- Just like in real life, Hitler is a villain in video games. So what game was Hitler torturing us in? "Doom". "Doom might just be the first amazing first person shooter, and taking down Hitler was just so satisfying.
  9. Darth Vader- Darth Vader is not only popular is the movie theatre, but he is also the most popular in villain in video games. Taking down Sith just doesn't crack it, which is why the only good "Star Wars" games are the ones including Vader.
  10. Ghost- Left the most classic and perhaps first video game ever for last. How can you not love them little ghost that chase Pac Man through the level?
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