Best Vintage Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator sunglasses are one of the most popular and classic styles of sunglasses out there.  Popularized in the 1970s, they still have a large fan base today.  Of course, if you really want the complete look of the aviator sunglasses, you must go vintage.  Here are some of the best vintage aviator sunglasses available today.

  1. Wire-Frame Aviator Sunglasses The wire-frame aviator is one of the most classic styles of aviator sunglasses around.  They absolutely scream 70s and will make you look like the coolest cop around.
  2. LS.5 Vintage Aviator Sunglasses This style of vintage aviator sunglasses provides the traditional coloring of the aviator, but with a more streamlined, 80s style.  
  3. "Action" Aviator Sunglasses These vintage aviator sunglasses look like they belong on the slopes, with their bright colors and sporty look.  This style exudes an 80s vibe, perfect because of the re-emergance of 80s style.
  4. Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses The type of vintage aviator sunglasses that best exudes the aviator style is the mirrored, wire-frame style.  These are a also a variation on the classic wire-frame aviator sunglasses.  
  5. Frameless Metal Aviator Sunglasses This style of aviators look like a marriage between the classic 70s and the classic 80s.  They have the feel of the regular wire-frame aviators, but the lens shape is more modern and geometric.
  6. Round Aviator Sunglasses These are another pair of vintage aviator sunglasses that are straight out of the 80s.  They have the lens shape of the wire-fram aviators.  However, the edging around the lenses aren't wire-rimmed; they come in the brightest colors imaginable.
  7. "Endless" Aviator Sunglasses This vintage style is similar to the "Action" Aviators, yet are connected at the bridge.  Hence, the name Endless.
  8. Colored Plastic Aviator Sunglasses These are almost exactly the same as the "Endless" Sunglasses, yet they come in a myriad of colors.
  9. "Miami" Aviator Sunglasses This style of vintage aviators definitely live up to its name.  With a sheen on the lenses that gives off a rainbow of colors, you're ready to step out into Miami.
  10. The Duke Aviator Sunglasses These sunglasses are a twist on the classic lens shape of the wire-frame vintage aviators.  Pick these for a different look or if you want to start your own trend.
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