Best Vintage Slot Cars

Vintage Slot Cars had their so-called Golden Age way back in the 1960s and 1970s, and the best vintage slot cars are generally ones which are rare and mint enough to be considered fine in their condition. With that in mind, take a nostalgic trip down memory lane, back in time to your younger years when slot cars meant everything to you. Here are the best vintage slot cars.

  1. Adam & Sons RTR Chassis. This hard to find model from way back in 1964 is one of the most sought after vintage slot cars. A small number of such slot cars were issued with a Monogram Ferrari 275p body.
  2. Atlas 1/24 scale Lotus 30. This Atlas model is one of the more basic in all of slot car history, but in terms of value for what you get, it is among the best.
  3. Lola T70 RTR. Originally issued in blue, this Lola T70 RTR is now most remembered for its newer reissue that featured a nickel-plated, brass tube chassis. This model used a different version of the Cox Cheetah decal format.
  4. Super Bandit RTR. From Dynamic, this entry in our list is one of the most highly vaunted slot cars in memory. Originally, it used a rewound "Hornet" motor, and the tires had smaller diameters for a lower center of gravity. Later versions had a polished armature stack and superior magnets than the earlier versions.
  5. Mako Shark. By Unique, one of the oldest and most time-honored slot car companies in the US, the Mako Shark first came out in 1968. This slot car features a Revell-sourced motor and gears along with rear axle ball bearings.


Los Angeles Slot Car Museum

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