Best Wakeboard Accessories

Wakeboarding has come a long way since the mid 80’s and now there is a massive range of the best wakeboard accessories available to choose from. Wakeboarders demand boats that can create the largest wakes possible so that they can make spectacular airborne maneuvers and accessory manufacturers are doing their best to make great wakeboard accessories. The accessories range from towers fitted on the boats to lighting and sound equipment as well as other items to enhance the boards themselves.

  1. Wakeboard Towers are an essential wakeboard accessory and are available on the majority of new boats already fitted. However, if you are buying an older boat, wakeboard towers come in either adjustable towers to fit most boats or custom fit. Collapsible towers are a good option if your boat is to be stored under a roof and space is at a premium, although these can be more expensive. Other things to think about with wakeboard towers are the construction (some are better made than others) and make sure to consider who will fit the tower. Most wakeboard accessory retailers will be able to give good advice on the type the buyer needs and often have a fitting service.
  2. Light and Speaker Combo. To add a new experience to wakeboarding, combo light and speaker systems are available. The light and speaker combo’s are easily fitted to any tower and add a new level of fun to wakeboarding. They come in a wide variety of prices and styles to fit most budgets and are available from most good wakeboard accessory retailers.
  3. Ballast Bags. Ballast bags come in various weights and fits and work by weighing the boat down to create the biggest wake possible. While many modern boats come with internal ballast tanks, ballast bags are excellent for an older boat. Some caution is needed though by checking the weight capacity of the boat and any local regulations as to the size of wake you can create. If you get either of these things wrong you risk either being fined or sinking the boat.
  4. Ballast Pumps. When you have no internal ballast tanks and have to fit ballast bags, a good pump is needed to fill the bags quickly. Ballast pumps come in several different pumping capacities and the buyer should get the best they can afford to add the ballast quickly.
  5. Wakeboard Vests. Wakeboard vests give the best possible protection across the back, front and rib cage. Most vests are made of lightweight materials so that you hardly know you have them on and come in many designs. They are available from all wakeboard accessories retailers.
  6. Wakeboard Handles. Key features of wakeboard handles are that they are comfortable, a good bar length of about 15” and have accurate foam floats. Most wakeboard handles also come with 75’ of line to give you the optimum distance from the boat.
  7. Wakeboard Racks. Many wakeboard racks fit to the tower on the boat and hold one or two wakeboards. They are made of good quality aluminum and have bungee cords to secure the wakeboard securely while moving into position.
  8. Wakeboard Repair Kit. Sometime accidents happen and wakeboards can get damaged easily. Repair kits can quickly sort out any damaged boards and include fiberglass, scissors, filler and resin so that repairs need only take a few minutes before you get back out on the water.
  9. Back Protectors. Sometimes the wakeboarder doesn’t want to wear a full vest but still need protection. The shield back protector can be the answer by protecting the spine right from the neck to waist. This lets the user feel much less restricted but still gives valuable protection. Any form of protection is an essential wakeboard accessory.
  10. Eye Protection. Nothing is worse than being on the water but not able to see anything due to the sun’s glare. UV filtered glasses eliminate all glare and come with either a retainer to remain fixed to your face or with floatation. Some glasses also come with total impact protection but with a higher price tag.
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