Best Wakeboard Bags

The best wakeboard bags should provide ease of transport, protection for the wakeboard and keep things dry. Wakeboarding is a fun and popular sport and wakeboards can be expensive. Protecting them with a quality wakeboard bag is important. This article will bring you details for what to look for when purchasing a wakeboard bag.

  1. Padding. A good wakeboard bag will have internal padding. This is to cushion the wakeboard and protect it from damage during transport. The padding needs to be water resistant or covered as to not break down the padding over time.
  2. Material Construction. Any water resistant or repellent material is fine but best to steer towards nylons. The material will tell if the bag will last based on its exposure to the sun and water. Canvas is not a good material or anything that is velour. Materials are better simple and check the seams to make sure that the stitching is sturdy, if not doubled stitched and glued.
  3. Additional Storage. A recommendation for the best wakeboard bag is to get one with some additional storage. Generally, look for pockets on the outside of the bag to store your accessories or things you want to bring with you (extra leash, place to store clothing, first aid, etc.)
  4. Ease of Tote. Every wakeboard bag should have a properly placed handle. You will be upset to learn that many bags either do not have a carrying handle or strap or are placed in an inconvenient location. Look for a simple handle at the center point of the bag to promote the even distribution of weight. Another good method is the backpack method where straps are available to place over your shoulders.
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