Best Wakeboarding DVDs

Many of the best wakeboarding DVDs show you the basics of wakeboarding and the coolest tricks from this fun water sport. Others are less instructional, but they show the pros in action. There are a few wakeboarding DVDs and courses that feature top quality instruction and/or lots of cool wakeboarding action. You'll discover a few below. 

  1. "The Book Wake Instruct Series." Beginners will love this wakeboarding DVD featuring "PJ." You'll learn the basics of wakeboarding plus a few good tricks to get you started. 
  2. "Parks Bonifay Documentary." Alliance Wakeboard Magazine brings you an incredible documentary about the life of wakeboarder Parks Bonifay. You'll see Parks almost drown. You'll also see him perform many awesome daredevil wakeboard stunts. Parks' family also share many insights and stories about his life in this one hour wakeboarding DVD. 
  3. "Innuendo – Wakeboarding." Some of the best wakeboarders in the world go on a roadtrip along the southern United States. You'll see them wakeboarding and making new friends along the way. 
  4. "Waketrix Instructional Wakeboard DVD." Beginners and advanced wakeboarders will all learn something from this great wakeboarding DVD. You'll learn all the basics of wakeboarding plus a lot of good trick drills, most of the best tricks and even how to drive the boat properly. 
  5. "Liquid Equilibrium." You're lazy and don't actually want to learn how to wakeboard, right? This film won't put you to work, but it's lots of fun to watch. You'll see the pros wakeboarding nonstop throughout this film. The brilliant eye candy, nonstop action and amazing soundtrack make this one of the best wakeboarding DVDs available. 
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