Best Water Based Anal Lubes

Deciding which are the best water based anal lubes to use for maximum coverage is an important step. With so many to choose from, only a select few are ideal for anal sex. Some water based lubricates are too watery and quickly dry, becoming sticky. A thicker lubrication is best suited for anal play.  The gel-like consistency helps to protect the rectum and stay moist longer. These lubrications can’t be found in the pharmacy. So hop to your favorite sex shop and look for one of these lubes for the best anal experience.

  1.  Maximus Forget the sticky mess. With a high glycol count, Maximus is an anal lube that has the consistency of lotion and is designed to stay moist for hours. Even afterwards, the lubrication doesn’t dry out. It simply disappears as your bodies natural lubrication does, which means no running to the bathroom to clean up. The product is labeled as “Bio-static,” which helps prevent the spread of bacteria.
  2.  Liquid Silk Also labeled with the “Bio-static” stamp, Liquid Silk is a non-glycerin, touch sensitive, anal lube that also helps soften the skin.
  3.  Sensua An organic water based anal lube that partners with your own natural lubricates. The combination gives longer lasting moisture without the ick, including no stained sheets. Grapefruit seed extract helps fight bacteria transfer.
  4.  Astroglide Anal Shooters Made specifically for anal sex, the Astroglide box provides six pre-filled applicators. With a narrow neck, this anal lube can easily be inserted inside the anus for ultimate lubrication. It’s thick enough to stay-put, yet slippery enough to avoid painful friction.

 By using lubrication specifically made with anal sex in mind, you’ll help guarantee a pleasurable experience. Keep that in mind and go enjoy yourself.

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