Best Water Ski Accessories

Water skiing is a fun energetic sport that is popular all over the world, especially when you can afford the best water ski accessories. It's important to have the right equipment to give yourself the optimum water skiing experience. Here are the best water ski accessories to make your day on the water top notch.

  1. Radar Strada Water Ski Glove. Water ski gloves range from $15 to $80, but the average is around $50. Your hands are one of the most high-contact body parts involved in water skiing, so getting them into gloves will reduce some of the wear and tear they will experience. When you buy high end gloves you'll get more than just basic comfort. Some gloves, feature a steel cable running through the back of the glove to ensure even tightening from the fingers to the wrist.
  2. Babes Boot Butter Gallon. Boot butter will make it much easier and more comfortable to get in and out of your wetsuit. It will also make the suit stick snugly to your skin, making your body perfectly aerodynamic. Make sure that you choose a boot butter that is environmentally friendly so that it won't damage the lake or ocean you're water skiing in. A dab of boot butter on the inside of your suit should be enough to make the suit comfortable. Boot butter isn't expensive, you should be able to pick up a gallon for just over $20.
  3. O'Brien Elite Slalom Water Ski Bag. If you're serious about water skiing, invest in a bag to make transporting your water skis and other equipment easier. It's not just a matter of convenience. Water ski bags are specifically designed to store your water skis, which will protect them from the wear and tear of constant transportation. A bag will also mean that your skis are stored correctly and aren't constantly exposed to substances that could weaken or damage them. Bags can typically be picked up for about $70.
  4. Straight Line Slalom Shock Tube. The water ski line can break or snap back and hit the skier or a bystander. The worst case scenario is that it can hit someone in the face. Avoid this dangerous and painful mishap by encasing your line with a shock tube. This nylon covered foam pad is safe and will help to protect your slalom line from general wear and tear. You can customize your tube too, if you want. You can choose the color of your tube, or add some symbols or phrases to make your tube really pop. A non-customized shock tube costs around $20 – $30.
  5. Proline Skier Down Flag. You're legally required to carry a signal flag to let other water users know that a water skier is down in the water. So choose a flag that you're proud of.  Make sure the flag meets USCG standards and is the appropriate height and color.  Stay safe when you are water skiing, pack a skier down flag into your water ski bag for emergency use. You can pay from $10 to $20 for a skier down flag, but generally you should be able to buy one for $15.
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