Best Water Ski Vests

The best water ski vests are flexible so that you can enjoy greater agility while water skiing. They should have the proper buckles and zippers to provide a snug fit and be made of durable materials. The following water ski vests will enhance your water skiing experience. 

  1. Sky Ski Neoprene CGA Type 3 PFD Water Ski Vest. This water ski vest features large quick release buckles for a tight and fast fit. The large arm holes allow for a wider range of movement. Neoprene is a good material to look for in a water ski vest because it is durable. 
  2. Mustang MV4600 High Collar Water Ski Vest. Enjoy a foam flotation system and a neoprene line collar while wearing this remarkable water ski vest from Mustang. The vest has three belts for a good fit and an internal pocket to conceal what you wish to store. Mustang tested this water ski vest at a speed of 100 miles per hour. 
  3. Airhead Neoprene Water Ski Vest. Airhead is known for quality water skiing supplies, and their neoprene vest is no exception. It features two belts and a foam interior. You'll also enjoy minimal puff in the shoulder area for better performance. 
  4. "O'Neill Checkmate Comp Water Ski Vest". One of the most weatherproof vests on the market, this one will keep you dry and wind resistant. There's a side zipper so that you can slip in and out of it easily. You'll also love the segmented core and large arm holes. 
  5. Cabela's XPG Neoprene Water Ski Vest. Cabela's really offers a nice comfortable fit with this affordable water ski vest. It's Coast Guard approved and features two buckles and a nice zipper. The comfort and great price makes it one of the best water ski bests for the budget water skiing enthusiast. 
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