Best Way To Coil A Climbing Rope

Understanding the best way to coil a climbing rope will help keep things clean and easy come time to use the rope. Coiling climbing rope will keep it clean and free of tangles. The best way to coil climbing rope is by using the butterfly coil. The butterfly coil is an easy and versatile way to coil a climbing rope. It is easy, quick and an expert way to coil and preserve your climbing rope. In this article, we will examine the best way to coil a climbing rope.

The best way to coil a climbing rope is by doing the butterfly climbing rope coil:

  1. Take one end of the climbing rope you want to coil. Stack the rest of the rope on top of itself, leaving the other end of the climbing rope exposed. You will need some room to spread this out properly.
  2. Take the other end of the rope and match it up with the first end. Place them even and side by side. Measure out two arm lengths of the climbing rope. On the third arm length of rope, place it behind your neck.
  3. Continue to measure out an arm length of climbing rope and place it behind your head. Continue this process until all the rope is around your neck except for the original two arm lengths.
  4. Now, carefully pull the climbing rope from behind your neck. Be careful not to lose any of the coils. Fold the coiled rope in half, placing it over your hand. Take the loose rope and wrap it around the coiled climbing rope just below the hand that is holding the folded climbing rope.
  5. Wrap the loose climbing rope tightly around the coiled climbing rope. With each pass, cinch the rope tightly. Make four or five passes around. Reaching out with the hand that is gripping the cinched climbing rope, pull the remaining rope through the hole at the top (remove your hand).
  6. Pull the climbing rope through and come over the top. Pull the rope tight. Here is where the versatility comes in. With the remaining rope, you can tie the butterfly coil around your back like a backpack or you can use it to secure it to other pieces of gear for easy transport.


Go slow until you are seasoned at this maneuver so you do not to hit yourself in the face with the climbing rope.

This versatile and secure means of coiling climbing rope is by far the best. It provides security and keeps your rope free of knots and tangles.

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