Best Way To Get Cash in Fable 2

Many a bleary-eyed gamer has asked the immortal question, "What's the best way to get cash in Fable 2?" This is important, because a lot of the end game achievements depend heavily on having large amounts of cash on hand. And by "large" we mean hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. Now, you could just spend hours and hours hammering away at the blacksmith mini-game, pour thousands of beers in some lousy pub, or scour every inch of Albion making your dog sniff out treasure chests.

You could do that. But let's face it, the job mini-games can get mind-numbingly boring—not to mention the fact that banging away at an anvil by pressing a button every 10 seconds cannot be good for your carpal-tunnel syndrome.

Fear not, there is an easier way to get piles o' cash in "Fable 2," and we're going to tell you how. Now, technically, this is a cheat, but our philosophy is if the developers leave a loophole in the game that remains unfixed after six months, it's fair game. That's how we rationalize it anyhow, and besides, you're playing a game, not working on Wall Street. Ethics are secondary.

With that out of the way, here's the technique for gaining huge sums of gold, and it only takes 10 minutes or so.

  1. First, buy some real estate. The more the merrier, and don't worry about getting locked into an underwater mortgage, Albion's economy is rock solid, thank you. The rent from houses and sales from stores automatically pay you gold—whether you are online or not. This is key: you don't have to be online to make cash, the game pays out in a lump sum every time you log in.
  2. Next, unplug your console from the Internet, and power it down. Restart it. Now set the date to some time in the past (you can do this in the preferences section of the console interface.) We suggest two years, because it's a nice round number, and if you have enough income-generating properties, it should suffice.
  3. Do not reconnect to the Internet! Boot up the game, and then save it. The console and game now think you're playing two years ago. After saving, logout of the game, and power down your console.
  4. Reconnect your console to the Internet, and restart it. The console clock will automatically update to today's day and date. Now, are your ready to get your huge pile of "Fable 2" cash? Good, because that's the whole point of this, it's in the title of the post, and everything. Boot the game up. At this point ten minutes or so have passed in your life, but the game thinks your Fable avatar has been prancing around belching and seducing bar wenches for the last two years.
  5. Receive your gigantic pile of gold. That's right, you will receive all the cash your rents and sales would have brought in during a two year period in one lump sum. Now you can buy the mansion, the palace, anything your "Fable 2" heart desires. If only raking in cash was that easy in the real world…
  6. Bonus Pro Tip: Need even more cash? You can rinse and repeat until you have all the gold your greedy little heart requires.

At this point, we're going to anticipate a question you might have. What if your console is not connected to the Internet? This question deserves a two part answer. Part the First: why in the name of next-gen gaming are you not connected to the Internet? Part two: It doesn't matter, the principle is the same. You'll just have to manually set your date to the present before you restart the game. Otherwise, the exploit is the same, with the same result: ludicrously huge piles of cash.

Now you know the best—though not necessarily the most honest—way to make cash in "Fable 2." Go forth and use your money to dominate Albion! With enough money, and with the purchase of the palace, you can even become king (or queen.)



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