Best Way To Wax A Skimboard

If you are a real fan of the sport, you will want to learn about the best way to wax a skimboard. When you wax the top of your skimboard, you are provided  with a sticky or tacky surface, which allows you to better keep your balance and stay on the board. You will first need to get all traces of the old wax off your board before you apply the new wax.

Things you will need for the best way to wax a skimboard are:

  • Skimboard
  • Wax
  • Plastic putty knife
  • Blow dryer
  • Soft towel
  1. Before applying new wax, scrape your skimboard with your putty knife. Next, use your blow dryer to melt away any existing traces of wax. If you do not have access to electricity on the beach, simply lay your skimboard out in the sun and wait for the wax to melt.
  2. Wipe your board with your clean towel to remove excess grime and grease because this is an important component when learning about the best way to wax a skimboard. You need to make sure that all remnants of dirt are removed from your board because if it is not, the wax will not thoroughly adhere to the board.
  3. Choose your wax to match the temperature of water that you will be skimboarding in. This is the best way to wax a skimboard because the water temperature has a direct effect of the type of wax that you have selected. It is important to note that cold water board wax will wear off faster than warmer water wax.
  4. Apply a coat of wax on the top of your board. The best way to wax a skimboard is to first cover the top with a base coat first and then apply a second coat over it.
  5. After your coats of wax have been applied, rub it in, using a circular motion. Remember, that the best way to wax a skimboard is to cover the entire skimboard, because if you fail to do this, you might incur a few slippery areas on the board when you stand on it.
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