Best Ways to Draft in Fantasy Basketball

Looking for the best ways to draft in fantasy basketball? Every year, millions of people hit the Internet to join fantasy sports leagues, including fantasy basketball leagues. Some people exceed in these leagues, while other people fail. This guideline will go over a few tips that are sure to help you in your battle to win your fantasy basketball league.

  1. League Rules. All too often, people begin drafting players in their fantasy basketball league, without knowing the rules of the league. You need to use the league rules to your advantage. For example, do you have to select a SF and a PF, or does your fantasy basketball league have 2 F positions instead? Does your league dock you for turnovers by players? Does your league have an IR spot? If you know you will be docked for turnovers, then you need to look at past stats to ensure the player you are drafting isn't prone to turnovers. If you have an IR spot, then you can get away with drafting a player who has great talent, but has a rocky injury record in the past. If that player gets hurt, you place him on the IR and pick up a free agent.
  2. Depth Charts. One of the best ways to draft in fantasy basketball is to obtain a depth chart for every team in the NBA. This may not come in handy in the early rounds of your draft, but it will certainly come in handy in the later rounds when the pickings are getting slim. You may not recognize the names of many second and third tier players. By having a depth chart handy, you will avoid the costly mistake of picking a PG who is the back-up to the back-up.
  3. Make A List. Before you make a list, refer to tip number 1 and familiarize yourself with the position eligibility aspect of your fantasy basketball league rules. You need to know if you are starting a PG, SG, SF, PF, and C, or if you are starting a G, G, F, F, and C. A week or two before the draft date for your fantasy basketball league, go through the entire NBA and make a list of the best players at each position. This may seem like tedious and boring work, but it will save you a lot of hassle on the draft day of your fantasy basketball league. Every time a player is chosen by another team, cross that player off of your list. This is the best way to ensure that you draft the best available player at every position.
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