Best Weighted Kickboxing Gloves

Here are the best weighted kickboxing gloves. You may ask, "Why do I need weighted kickboxing gloves?" Simple, weighted kickboxing gloves are for training purposes. They help to strengthen your arms, which will in turn make your punches stronger and faster. And, stronger, faster punches make you a better kickboxer. That's why you need a good pair of weighted kickboxing gloves. And no, you can't use them in the ring during real contests. You'd be disqualified. So, with all thoughts of cheating put to the side, here are the weighted kickboxing gloves you need to use.

  1. Altus Micro Loaded Weight Gloves. These weighted kickboxing gloves come equipped with four pound removable and adjustable weights. The weights are attached to the tops of the gloves leaving your palms open. They are half fingered styled, helping your hands to breathe during the workout. This is great because you can actually do other workout drills without having to remove the gloves.
  2. Ringside Aerobic Weighted Gloves. They're no-fingered and totally secure. You have to strap these bad boys around your hand. They have the hook loop feature for hand size adjustments. They come in two versions. You can get the four pound or the six pound weighted kickboxing gloves.
  3. Palm Free Weighted Gloves. Using these weighted kickboxing gloves is almost like kickboxing with nothing on. The entire palm is free. You simply attach the glove by sliding your middle and ring fingers through the loop supports. Then, you wrap your wrists. The weight pouch is located on the top of your hand. They come in two pound or four pound sizes. These are great for multiple exercises. You won't have to remove them between exercises.
  4. TITLE Weighted Hand Gloves. Though they only come in the one pound version, they offer great support for your entire hand. If you're looking for a great low impact glove, check these weighted kickboxing gloves. they cover your entire hand leaving the tips of your fingers free. They could double for weight lifting gloves.
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