Best Weightlifting Techniques For The Pectorals

The best weightlifting techniques for pectorals depend on your weightlifting goals. Huge pectorals require one set of exercises, while the deeply cut definition of a Bruce Lee require something else entirely. While the exercises will change, there are universal concepts to keep in mind whatever you want your chest to look like.

  1. Weightlifting techniques. Especially when it comes to pectorals, most men need to slow down and lift less. Don't lift with sloppy weightlifting techniques just to get your numbers up. Lift slowly, through a full range of motion, considering one repetition at a time. Avoid cheating by shifting the load to your arms or shoulders. Visualize your arms as hooks connected to the gears that are your pectorals.
  2. Strength and Bulk Concepts. For strength and bulk, the best weightlifting techniques go with three to five sets of high weight and low reps. Cycle through two to four different exercises, all for the pectorals, in a single workout.
  3. Tone and Definition Concepts. For tone and definition, do sets of many reps at low weight. This can be traditional weightlifting techniques, or even chest-intensive group fitness like yoga or tae-bo. Cycle through three to five different exercises, including both pectorals and full body, in a workout.
  4. Exercises for pectorals. Solid pectoral weightlifting techniques include exercises like the bench press, dumbbell bench press, butterflies, dumbbell butterflies, pushups with and without weights, incline bench press, decline bench press and cable pulls. Your personal trainer, workout magazine or lifting buddy can help you with any of these exercises that you don't already know.
  5. Note for Seniors: According to Sang H. Kim in  "Martial Arts Over Forty", as we age it becomes more important to do dumbbell weightlifting. Dumbbell exercises force you to use the smaller, peripheral muscles that begin to degenerate as the years go on.

Sources: American College of Sports Medicine



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