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Use and abuse your liver in style with the best whiskey on the planet. After a long day at the office nothing feel better than a nice stiff drink. For generations the smooth warming flavor of whiskey has been relieving the bad days of the working class through its warming blends of oak, fruit and spices. Because it can be such a strong drink, it’s tempting to dilute whiskey with sodas and mixers; and while this can make for a tasty cocktails, the best whiskey should be had on its own or on the rocks where you can enjoy all of the subtleties of its flavor.

  1. Jack Daniels- This whiskey is an American classic that should be stocked in any decent bar. It’s a smooth and robust whiskey that is brilliant for mixing but is just as good on the rocks. Old No 7 is great anytime, but if you want something really special try Gentleman Jack. This single barrel version of Jack Daniels is a must drink for whiskey lovers and is one of many reasons Jack Daniels makes the best whiskey list.
  2. Jim Beam- Doing classic American taste with a twist is what makes this a best whiskey. Jim Beam has made their brand of whiskey stand out by introducing several new whisky blends in the last few years. If you’re drinking with a traditionalist you can break out the classic Jim beam with the white label. If you’re looking for something a little sweeter, try the Jim Beam Red Stag. Red Stag has the trademark Jim Beam smoothness with a hint of black cherry. Then there is the 90 proof Jim Beam Devil’s Cut, a high octane whiskey that is for the truly bad ass.
  3. Crown Royal- Perhaps best know for coming in a distinctive purple velvet bag this best whiskey is the only whiskey on the list that is made from a blend of 50 whiskies. Sure you can use it as a mixer, but with all that flavor, this one is best enjoyed on the rocks sipped slow after a long hard day.
  4. Knob Creek- This whiskey was truly made for drinkers with brilliant taste and livers made of bloody steel. Aged nine years and bottled at 100 proof this one of the best whiskies has the distinct taste of toasted nuts that will have you begging for more.
  5. Jameson- Few can do whiskey as well of the Irish. This best whiskey is triple distilled for a taste that boasts exceptional smoothness. Perhaps one of the most versatile whiskies on the list, it can be enjoyed with a splash of cranberry juice for a cocktail that is sweet dry and delicious.
  6. Johnny Walker- Having a wide variety of flavors to work with is why this brand makes the best whiskey list. If you want something that will blend well you can’t go wrong with Johnny Walker Black Label. If you want something smooth and sweet try the honey tinged bite of Johnny Walker Gold Label.
  7. Glenfiddich- If you’re looking for a whiskey that is filled with flavor and nuance look no further than this best whiskey. Unwind with the subtle flavor of pear and oak with a twelve year old Glenfiddich. If you want something to warm you up on a cold winters night cuddle up the the subtle flavor of raisins, honey and warming spices with a fifteen year old Glenfiddich. Their eighteen year old blend with it’s subtle baked apple flavor and cinnamon is a great way to top off an evening. And as good as all of of the different versions of Glenfiddich are the 30-year old Glenfiddich is the creme de la creme. It’s a brilliant blend of sherry and dark chocolate that will drive whiskey lovers wild.  
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