Best Wholesale Vinyl Flooring For Boat

Curious about the best wholesale vinyl flooring for a boat? Are you looking to replace your worn-out boat flooring? If you are looking for a material that is visually attractive and durable, then you may want to go with vinyl. The following is a list of the best types of wholesale vinyl flooring for a boat.

  1. Decko Dot Marine Vinyl Flooring. Decko dot flooring is a very durable material that is also practical. It can also be used on walkways, steps and patios. It is designed with small raised dots that make it slip resistant in all types of weather conditions. Installation of this flooring on your boat is not a difficult task. It simply glues down. The Decko dot flooring is generally sold by the running yard and can be purchased at wholesale prices if you purchase a significant amount.
  2. Marine Vinyl Carpeting. Vinyl carpeting is another good wholesale vinyl flooring for your boat. It comes in various colors and is very attractive as well as comfortable. It is designed to resist UV rays, saltwater, mildew and other harsh elements. Installation is simple. It is designed to simply glue into place. This vinyl flooring is also designed for use on various other surfaces as well, and can be purchased at wholesale prices, dependant upon the yardage.
  3. Marine Vinyl Plank Decking. Marine vinyl plank decking is another good wholesale vinyl for your boat floor. This type of flooring will be better for a larger surface such as a pontoon deck, as opposed to the smaller bass boat. It is sold in strips and is priced wholesale based on the running yard. It may also be used on other surfaces, such as patios, walkways and decks. Installation is simple; you just glue the boards to the deck of your boat.
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