Best Windline Boat Ladders

The type of boat that you own will determine which of the best Windline boat ladders you should purchase. The Windline company has been around since 1979 and is known for their newer designs and high quality boat ladders. A lifetime warranty comes with each product to ensure customer satisfaction.

  1. The Pontoon Boat Ladder FDL-4B. This is a four step aluminum boat ladder that is easily installed and removed with the plastic cup mounts. The length of the ladder covers 45 inches with a width of 16 inches. It is easy for anyone to maneuver because it only weighs eight pounds. It is a great value at a retail price of about $100.
  2. Gunwale Hook Boat Ladder GML-3A. This Windline product features a non-slip contoured shape that is made of stainless steel. It also has cushioning to protect your boat from scratches. It is able to hold approximately 250 pounds. The length is 35 inches and the width is 13.25 inches.
  3. Pocket Boat Ladder TPL-3X. The Windline pocket ladder allows clearance for the ladder pocket to close. It slides up to four inches forward and has three steps.  The steps can be covered with plastic treads for comfort on your feet. This is a solid boat ladder and costs about $95. 
  4. Under Platform Telescoping Boat Ladders UP-2 or 3. The under platform ladders by Windline come in a two step or three step option. The ladder is easy to board and includes a quick lock strap. The steps are also available in stainless steel or molded plastic allowing you the opportunity to customize your ladder.
  5. Windline Dive Boat Ladders DL-4X. The diver’s ladder is rated for a 400 pound load capacity. It has a unique look with one stainless steel tubing down the middle and PVC treads on both sides of the tubing. It is corrosion resistant and comes with a mounting bracket and a locking tab. It is not unusual for diving ladders to cost a little more than most boat ladders. This model retails around $140.
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