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Looking for the best Woody's products for men? Many men know that they can benefit greatly from products that will control their hair and help with basic grooming. Woody's makes great hair care products for men, and these five are among their top selling products.

  1. Woody's Mega Firm Super Hold Gel. This great product made by Woody's is perfect for men to use to get their hair to do just what they want. It is alcohol-free and will not dry out the scalp. It is made with propylene glycol, wheat and silk amino acids. It sells for around $14.
  2. Woody's Big Stick Style Stick. This styling stick is one of the best products Woody's offers. It contains hemp seed oil and beeswax and gives hair a very stiff feel. Men can glide this stick directly over their hair, and then hair can be spiked, twisted or dreaded. It sells for around $16. 
  3. Woody's Headwax Pomade. This headwax pomade contains many wonderful ingredients, including petroleum, beeswax, cardamom and cloves. Use only a little of this product and rub it all over your hair. It leaves hair stiff and will hold even the toughest hairdos. It sells for around $8.
  4. Woody's Meat and Potatoes Bar. The perfect body soap for men is this Woody's soap bar. It is a vegetable-based cleaner that is suitable for cleaning the whole body. It leaves the body feeling clean and fresh. It also moisturizes the skin well because it contains hempseed oil and shea. It sells for around $12.
  5. Woody's Headwax Hemp. Another hair gel offered by Woody's is this top-selling item. It contains cannabis sativa seed oil, leaves hair shiny and holds hair in almost any way possible. It sells for around $13.


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