Best Wrestling Mat Tape

These best wrestling mat tapes are high-quality tapes that won't wear away. They are sturdy ways to adhere your mats together to give you a fully protected space. These tapes are all great investments that will make your training far superior.

  1. Champion Sports 3 inch. This wrestling mat tape has a large width to allow you to carefully secure your mats together. The tape is designed for optimal strength and durability. With this tape you won't have to worry about your mats breaking apart.
  2. Matman Wrestling Tape 4 inch. This exquisite quality tape has extra width to give it extra adhesion to your mats. It is conveniently transparent without compromising strength. You won't have to worry about wear and tear with this high-quality vinyl wrestling tape.
  3. CSI Sports Wrestling Mat tape 3 inch. This strong adhesive is designed to create powerful strength, giving you a long-term solution to your wrestling mat needs. A further advantage is this tape's ability to be cleanly removed without leaving any residue. You won't need to look further than this inexpensive wrestling mat tape to secure your mats.
  4. Cliff Keen Gorilla Grip Premium Wrestling Tape. The name of this tape does not lie – it is of premium quality for your wrestling mat tape needs. This tape is both easy to apply and remove, with the convenient feature that it can be reused. There is nothing missing with this truly great wrestling tape.
  5. Brute Wrestling Mat Tape. This tape has an astounding grip, without risk of falling off. This flexible and durable tape has absolutely everything you need to secure your mats for extensive wrestling. The clear tape can be purchased with a 4 inch width, giving you the choice to opt for an exceptionally strong hold.
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